Goods from the Gurus

Guru Labs employees are active Linux enthusiasts and are involved in numerous Open Source projects. This Goodies section is where we offer to the community resources including technical guides, scripts, RPMs, and some fun stuff as well.

Guru Guides

In this section you'll find freely available white papers, reviews, and guides on various Linux and security topics. This information might supplement topics in our courseware, or be relevant to a current event such as a new release of some important software product.


In the process of writing our courseware, we occasionally write a script or a utility to ease the administration of a software package. Additionally, while using our Linux systems we sometimes need a software package that isn't included or is out-of-date. In those cases we package the software into a RPM. These files can be obtained from our downloads page.

Guru Labs Staff Blogs

Many of the staff at Guru Labs maintain blogs with technical postings and other musings. These blogs give an educational peek at the internal commotion of Guru labs. You can visit these blog postings on the Guru Labs Planet:

Planet S.W.A.G

Guru Labs just wouldn't be the same without our fixation on putty and Kung-Fu Tux. See pictures of Tux and putty in action created by staff, students, friends, and family on the Planet S.W.A.G: