GL380 - Ansible

The audience for this course is system's administrators desiring to automate provisioning, configuration management, service deployment, operational processes. This course covers all the core Ansible features including: installing and configuring, running ad-hoc commands, understading modules, creating and using playbooks, variables and inclusion, task control, templates, and roles. The course also covers: dealing with sensitive data via Ansible Vault, fundamentals of Ansible Tower, integration with Docker and Vagrant, and troubleshooting.


Experience with Linux shell, text editing, and basic systems administration needed.

Supported Distributions:
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
Course Outline:
  1. Ansible Overview
    1. Overview of Architecture
    2. QUIZ: Architecture
    3. Overview of Deployments
    4. QUIZ: Deployments
    5. Inventory
    6. QUIZ: Inventory
    7. QUIZ: Introducing Ansible
  2. Deploying Ansible
    1. Installing
    2. DEMO: Installing
    3. Configuration Files
    4. DEMO: Configuration Files
    5. Running Ad Hoc Commands
    6. DEMO: Running Ad Hoc Commands
    7. Dynamic Inventory
    8. DEMO: Dynamic Inventory
    Lab Tasks
    1. Deploying Ansible
  3. Playbooks
    1. Writing YAML Files
    2. DEMO: Writing YAML Files
    3. Modules
    4. DEMO: Modules
    5. DEMO: Playbooks
    Lab Tasks
    1. Playbooks
  4. Variables and Inclusions
    1. Variables
    2. DEMO: Variables
    3. Facts
    4. DEMO: Facts
    5. Inclusions
    6. DEMO: Inclusions
    Lab Tasks
    1. Variables and Inclusions
  5. Task Control
    1. Constructing Flow Control
    2. DEMO: Constructing Flow Control
    3. Handlers
    4. DEMO: Handlers
    5. Tags
    6. DEMO: Tags
    7. Handling Errors
    8. DEMO: Handling Errors
    Lab Tasks
    1. Task Control
  6. Jinja2 Templates
    1. Jinja2 Templates
    2. QUIZ: Jinja2 Templates
    3. Jinja2 Templates
    4. DEMO: Jinja2 Templates
    Lab Tasks
    1. Jinja2 Templates
  7. Roles
    1. Role Structure
    2. QUIZ: Role Structure
    3. Creating Roles
    4. DEMO: Creating Roles
    5. Deploying Roles with Ansible Galaxy
    6. DEMO: Deploying Roles with Ansible Galaxy
    Lab Tasks
    1. Roles
  8. Optimizing Ansible
    1. Configuring Connection Types
    2. DEMO: Configuring Connection Types
    3. Configuring Delegation
    4. DEMO: Configuring Delegation
    5. Configuring Parallelism
    6. DEMO: Configuring Parallelism
    Lab Tasks
    1. Optimizing Ansible
  9. Ansible Vault
    1. Configuring Ansible Vault
    2. DEMO: Configuring Ansible Vault
    3. Executing with Ansible Vault
    4. DEMO: Executing with Ansible Vault
    Lab Tasks
    1. Ansible Vault
  10. Troubleshooting Ansible
    1. Troubleshooting Playbooks
    2. DEMO: Troubleshooting Playbooks
    3. TroubleshootingManaged Hosts
    4. DEMO: Troubleshooting Managed Hosts
    Lab Tasks
    1. Troubleshooting
  11. Ansible Tower
    1. Ansible Tower overview
    2. QUIZ: Ansible Tower features
    3. Installing
    4. DEMO: Installing
    5. Account management
    6. DEMO: Configuring Users
    7. Hosts
    8. DEMO: Hosts
    9. Jobs
    10. DEMO: Jobs
    Lab Tasks
    1. Ansible Tower
  12. Ansible in a DevOps Environment
    1. Provisioning Vagrant Machines
    2. DEMO: Provisioning Vagrant Machines
    3. Deploying Vagrant in a DevOps Environment
    4. DEMO: Deploying Vagrant in a DevOps Environment
    5. Deploying Docker in a DevOps Environment
    6. DEMO: Deploying Vagrant in a DevOps Environment
    Lab Tasks
    1. Ansible in a DevOps Environment
  13. Comprehensive Review: Automation with Ansible
    1. Comprehensive Review
    Lab Tasks
    1. Installing and Configuring Ansible
    2. Installing Ansible Tower and Executing Jobs
    3. Creating Roles and using Dynamic Inventory
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