GL318 - Red Hat Virtualization Manager

Students gain through lecture and hands-on experience the skills to effectively create, manage, and migrate Linux and Microsoft Windows virtual machines hosted on either dedicated RHV Hypervisor nodes or RHEL servers using Red Hat Virtualization Manager.


Advanced Red Hat systems administration

Supported Distributions:
Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 4
Course Outline:
  1. RHV Overview
    1. Understand General Virtualization
    2. KVM Concepts
    3. RHV Platform
  2. RHV Manager
    1. Install RHV Manager
    2. Test RHV Manager
    3. Remove RHV Manager
    4. Troubleshoot RHV Manager
    Lab Tasks
    1. RHV Manager Install
    2. RHV Manager Administrator Portal
  3. RHV Hypervisor
    1. Install RHV Hypervisor
    2. Configure RHV Hypervisor
    3. Upgrade RHV Hypervisor
    4. Troubleshoot RHV Hypervisor
    Lab Tasks
    1. RHV Hypervisor Node Install
    2. RHV Hypervisor Node Configuration
  4. RHV Environment Configuration
    1. Create and configure Datacenters
    2. Create and configure Clusters
    3. Create and configure Storage Domains
    4. Create and configure Logical Networks
    Lab Tasks
    1. RHV-M Network Verification
    2. RHV-M Storage Domains
  5. RHV for Servers
    1. Install Virtual Servers and Images
    2. Perform Basic Management of Virtual Servers and Images
    3. Troubleshoot Virtual Servers and Images
    Lab Tasks
    1. RHV-M Installing Servers
    2. Using Disk Snapshots
  6. RHV for Desktops
    1. Install Virtual Desktops
    2. Configure Paravirtualized Drivers
    Lab Tasks
    1. Virtual Desktops
  7. Virtual Machine Templates
    1. Create Microsoft Windows template images
    2. Create RHEL VMs with template images
    Lab Tasks
    1. Sealing Systems
    2. Create a RHEL Template
    3. Creating RHEL System from a template
  8. Pools and Users
    1. Use Pools
    2. Deploy the User Portal
    3. User Portal with Multi-level Administrative Roles
    Lab Tasks
    1. IdM
    2. RHV and Users
    3. RHV Pools
  9. Monitoring and Data Warehousing
    1. Monitor RHV
    Lab Tasks
    1. Monitoring and Reports
  10. Advanced RHV
    1. Backup RHV
    2. Restore RHV
    3. CLI and API Interfaces
    Lab Tasks
    1. Advanced RHV
  11. Migration and High Availability
    1. Virtual Machine Migration
    2. High Availability
    Lab Tasks
    1. Migrate a virtual machine and explore high availability
  12. Deploy Hyperconverged Infrastructure
    1. Combine compute, storage, networking, and management capabilities in one deployment.
    Lab Tasks
    1. Hyperconverged Infrastructure
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