OST204 - OpenStack Deployment and Advanced Administration

This course is targeted to OpenStack DevOps professionals, systems administrators, and developers who want to understand the deployment, structure, and operation of OpenStack more deeply. This training builds on builds on the basic OpenStack system administration skills gained on the OST104 course and enhances participants knowledge with more in-depth information and hands-on exercises in the areas of realizing complex OpenStack deployments using Ceph, OpenStack storage systems, and implementing OpenStack high-availability (HA) solutions.The OST204 incorporates the learning of OpenStack's high availability (HA) features, the build up and administration of CEPH based OpenStack storage systems, and to analyze and troubleshoot common OpenStack problems.


The course OST104 OpenStack private cloud administration or equivalent basic OpenStack administration knowledge

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Course Outline:
  1. OpenStack Deployment
    1. Installation Types
    2. Automated Installation
    3. Quick Install (Devstack, Packstack)
    4. Manual Install Primer
    5. Prepare for Installation
    6. Fundamental Services Setup
    7. Install and Configure Keystone
    8. Install and Configure Glance
    9. Install and Configure Neutron
    10. Install and Configure Nova
    11. Install and Configure Horizon
    12. Install and Configure Cinder
    13. Install and Configure Heat
    Lab Exercises
  2. Openstack HA Introduction
    1. OpenStack Architecture
    2. Lab Environment Overview
    3. OpenStack HA
    4. Active/Passive HA
    5. Active/Active HA
    6. Glance HA (active-active)
    7. Nova HA (active-active)
    8. Cinder HA (active-passive)
    9. Heat HA (active-active)
    10. Ceilometer HA (active-active)
    11. Neutron - HA
    12. HA Details
    13. Neutron - Distributed Virtual Routing
    14. DVR Overview
    15. Centralized Logging for Openstack
    16. Monitoring OpenStack – Call Paths
    17. Deployment Scenarios for LS/ES/Kibana
    18. Logstash Configuration Example
    Lab Exercises
  3. MySQL/Galera Replication
    1. Mysql Replication
    2. Galera Replication
    3. Galera Replication Examples
    4. Galera Notes
    5. State Transfers
    6. Galera Node States
    7. Galera Quorum
    8. Detecting Node Failures
    9. Configuration Example
    10. Galera + HaProxy
    11. Galera + HAproxy Example
    12. Galera - Best practices
    Lab Exercises
  4. RabbitMQ Clustering
    1. RabbitMQ Introduction
    2. AMQP Terminology
    3. Message Tracing in RabbitMQ
    4. OpenStack and RabbitMQ
    5. RabbitMQ Cluster
    6. RabbitMQ Cluster Setup Overview
    Lab Exercises
  5. OpenStack Storage with Ceph
    1. Ceph Introduction
    2. Ceph Node Types
    3. Ceph Architecture
    4. Object Placement
    5. Cluster Maps
    6. Ceph Background Procedures
    7. Ceph Installation
    8. Customizing Cluster Layout (CRUSH Map)
    9. Add Cache Tiering
    10. Cache Tiering
    11. Openstack Support
    12. Ceph – Glance Config Example
    13. Ceph – Cinder Config Example
    14. Ceph – Nova Config Example
    15. Best practices h
    Lab Exercises
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